ABOUT OXO Games Studio

OXO Saga

Once upon a time, there was a Wizard lived in the town on the verge of Arabian Sea. He was kind and loved by all. He had many friends and followers. People around him always knew that he will give much in to make this world a better place. He had a remarkable discern into people’s hearts, he therefore aimed to meet their feels.

Having his arms filled with the expectations of his folks he resolved to “Make it happen”. He beaconed around to collect the best mates from all around the town and planned with them something that brings happiness and ease to humanity.

The Wizard along with his friends planned to create tools that give ease and happiness. They could help people spend their time nicely and keep themselves from stressing about meeting up their desired tasks.

They ever since kept coming up with everything new and helpful to win the hearts of the whole mankind.

OXO’s Existence

OXO Games Studio is an ever-growing Game Studio, which has resolved to create everything a kid’s fancy can desire. It is one of the most promising production houses in the whole region- expanding its roots all around the globe.

An Extra Mile

APAC App Summit by Google in Singapore early this year, has recognized the Company to be amongst the Top Ten Game and App developers in Pakistan for its remarkable upheaval over such a minute time span.

OXO Games Studio under the aegis of DevBatch:

Our motive is to build relief not only for the professional firms and enterprises but the whole mass. Bending upon the fantasies of kids, we heard deep to their wish list and created something endless.

OXO’s contribution

We believe that our find will help these little visionaries to reach beyond the horizon of time and knowledge. OXO Games Studio is firm to never let the angels feel out of place and companionship.
We want every individual to assert as being heard for his digital needs and wants.